Tee Pipe Fitting

Tee is one kind of pipe fitting.made of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other special metal materials as required by its customers.

Tee pipe fittings,Also called pipe tee or tee fitting,To branch pipe tee joint, in the main line.
Tee is has three slits, namely an import, the two exports;Or two entrance, a export pipe fittings of a kind of chemical industry, there are T and Y, has a diameter nozzle, such as nozzle diameter, to three the same or different pipeline pool.The main purpose of the tee is change the direction of flow.

Equal tee to take over the end are all the same size;
Reducing tee, director of the control of the same size and branch pipe to take over the size less than to take over the size of head.

Tee can be divided into mechanical tee, groove reducing tee, groove mechanical tee, ordinary tee;Tee in producing method dividing can be divided into top tee, suppress tee, forging tee, butt welding three links, casting tee, etc. There are two kinds of tee shape according to the points, equal tee and reducing tee. Equal tee is three the same size.

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