Bend Pipe Fitting

Bend is one kind of pipe fitting.made of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other special metal materials as required by its customers.

Bend of complete sets of bending dies is adopted to bend, divided into two kinds of cold heat and hot push technology.Whether what kind of machinery, equipment and pipeline, mostly use bend, mainly used in oil, gas, fluids, etc.

Bend and bend is the most basic difference with the diameter of the pipe and elbow, bend compared with elbow bent pipe is longer, R is 2 times higher than bend, R = 1 to 2 times in which belongs to the elbow in the bending process, can use cold heat bend pipe, made from pipe bending machine bending type directly, one-time can manufacture bend, and need not secondary anti-corrosion, but bend to factory customized, do anti-corrosion, ordering cycle is long.Bend the price must be lower the elbow, but price is lower than the elbow out of many, if not do anticorrosive processing bent pipe is easy to damage, this is, as you know, I also don't say, but its because cheap in some demand is not high engineering use very much.
Elbow manufacturers custom-made, anti-corrosion, ordering cycle is long.Cold bending tube can directly use the pipe direct forming technology in tube bending machine, one-time can be completed, also need not second antiseptic, cold bending pipe construction technology has a oil standard, west-east gas with the enterprise standard.But open area with elbow bent pipe is ok, only consider the cost, cold bending can be bended tube elbow should be roasted, highly cost, of course, is the elbow.Sometimes narrow area must turn the elbow, such as regarding the section of pipeline, because of small bend radius of curvature, generally for the 6 d, and bend for 40 d.Engineering construction site construction site, use the elbow or a bend, not only should consider the price of the elbow and pipe bending quality, but also in where, so choose elbow bend.

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